Department: Department of Pedagogy and learning

Faculty: Faculty of Education Sciences

Area: Didactics and School Organisation

Research group: ESCULCA - Knowledge and educational action


Doctor by the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela with the thesis Consideración de las necesidades educativas en la elaboración de proyectos arquitectónicos en los centros de educación infantil 2005. Supervised by Dr. Anxo Serafín Porto Ucha.

Hers professional activity began in 1989 in the Autonomous Administration in supervision of student care activities and the development and implementation of educational programs in Early Childhood Education centers belonging to the Xunta de Galicia, as well as in the evaluation of skills acquired by the professionals of these centers to its adaptation to the requirements of LOGSE. In 1992 he began to work in the Vigo Council developing programs for Trade Houses. Starting this year he began his teaching activity in higher education institutions: Universidade de Vigo, Santiago de Compostela and UNED. The first years of the University of Vigo and UNED are focused on teacher training and innovative methodological planning of different subjects. With its affiliation to the University of Santiago de Compostela, a specific stage begins that attempts to combine teaching in subjects related to school organization (Organization of the School Center, Practicum, Organization and Management of the School Center, Management and Institutional Development of Educational Centers, among others) and research on topics such as the educational space, the problems in the inclusion of immigrant students and the participation of families in the education of their children. Mostly two articles, book chapters, communications at congresses or conferences were developed on these lines of research. This line also highlights the transfer of knowledge in the preparation of technical reports on the adequacy of two spaces, such as the one carried out on the CEIP Ramón e Cajal or the report on the suitability of the employment of a third education center. Likewise, the themes worked on the inclusion of immigrant students are contributing to improvement and innovation in different school contexts in order to enhance a vision of ethnic-cultural diversity as a fundamental educational value. Since joining USC, in 2005, he belongs to the ESCULCA Research Group (Competitive Reference Group of the Galician R&D&I System), which is integrated into the RIES Network, made up of eight research groups from three SUG universities. , and that acquired great social projection. The research group received the 1st National Prize for Educational Research in 2007 with the project "Immigrant families in Galicia: the socio-educational dimension of integration", and the María Barbeito Prize for Education in Galicia for Pedagogical Research 2012 (3rd edition) for the work "O scholastic performance "of students from immigration to Galicia. An optimization program for families and educational centers." The research work is complemented by a very important practical component, since it provides a projection of the processes of innovation, change and improvement in school centers. She is currently secretary of the Department of Pedagogy and Didactics of the Faculty of Education Sciences of USC and Coordinator of the area of Didactics and School Organization.