Scientific offering

  • International Patent "WaveCat", Wave Energy Converter.
  • Mapping, inventory and studies from images taken by drones and satellites.
  • Numerical modeling of littoral processes: waves, tidal currents, sediment transport, pollutants.
  • Numerical modelling of the interaction between waves and a structure or a Wave Energy Converter (WEC).
  • Photogrammetric Projects for the modeling and study of 3D objects: natural and artificial, static or in motion, accessible and inaccessible areas and with a wide range of dimensions. Field Survey (the scanning can be provided by the customer), creation and edition of the 3D model, Orthophoto Image (metric), plans in two and/or three dimensions and quality control.
  • Physical modeling in wave flume. Models of: harbor and coastal structures (breakwaters, groins, etc.), Wave Energy Converters (WECs), floating oil booms, etc.
  • Studies of aerial and remote sensing with optical sensors, multispectral and hyperspectral. Studies of vegetation, water quality, burned areas, control of multi-temporal changes, etc. Development of thematic cartography and reports.
  • Surveying.
  • Wave-current flume of 20 x 1.20 x 0.65 m, capable of generating regular and irregular waves, equipped with Active Wave Absorption Control System (AWACS) and reversible current generation system.