Department: Department of Mathematics

Faculty: Faculty of Mathematics

Interuniversitary research center: Galician Center for Mathematical Research and Technology (CITMAga)

Area: Algebra

Research group: Research Group in Mathematics


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Doctor by the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela with the thesis Esquemas nórdicos y semicontinuidad de los defectos de intersección completa 1988. Supervised by Dr. Antonio G. Rodicio.

I belong to the Department of Mathematics and member of CITMAga. My research is developed within the field of algebraic geometry, specifically, homological methods. I’ve studied several questions in cohomology of coherent sheaves over non noetherian schemes and over formal schemes. This led me to the problem of understanding the structure of the derived category. I hope that the development of techniques similar to those that are at use in stable homotopy theory will yield the right tools to understand the cohomological invariants of singular spaces.