Os cibermedios nos dispositivos móbilesanálise estrutural, formal e interpretativa das características que definen o produto informativo no novo soporte en catorce cabeceiras de referencia

  1. Alba Silva Rodríguez
Supervised by:
  1. Xosé López García Director
  2. Manuel Gago Mariño Director

Defence university: Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

Year of defence: 2014

  1. Rosario de Mateo Pérez Chair
  2. Xosé Pereira Fariña Secretary
  3. José Rúas Araújo Committee member
  4. Francisco Campos Freire Committee member
  5. Carmen Costa Sánchez Committee member
  1. Department of Communication Sciences

Type: Thesis


The title chosen for this dissertation is: Newspapers on mobile devices. Structural, formal and interpretative analysis of features that define the new platform in fourteen reference newspapers. We propose to study the mobile webs and the mobile apps of thirteen European newspapers and one more in the United States. In order to carry out this process, we will establish a comparison between the mobile web and the mobile app of each medium examined. We therefore believe it is necessary to focus on the three theoretical perspectives that have exerted greater influence on theoretical studies of communication ¿functionalist and interpretative- when acting with a current formulation and the use of the specific contributions of critical perspectives, mainly concerning the contributions made on the media¿s role in society. We chose a double method to address this research work: qualitative and quantitative. The quantitative method aims to get a description of the mobile communication context and we choose the qualitative method to study all research aspects related to narrative and critical analysis as a way to complement the results obtained after the application of the database. One of our basic objectives is to check the importance that media companies give to mobile devices as a journalistic support. We want to know how the newspaper business is adapted to new changes supported by the evolution of technology. This doctoral thesis shows how the information has changed due to the impact of technology and how new journalistic products emerge leading to a social revolution. This dissertation seeks to be a reference point for scholars, journalists and mobile phone companies. The results of our investigation provide important insights into current mobile journalism and sets future lines of action that are interesting to adapt to a scenario that very little is known1. 1 Existe