Department: Department of Applied Economics

Faculty: Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Singular centre: Cross-disciplinary Research in Environmental Technologies Center (CRETUS)

Area: Applied Economics

Research group: Innovation, Structural Change and Development


Doctor by the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela with the thesis Crecimiento económico y capacidad tecnológica regional en el marco de la Unión Europea (1980-1995) 2000. Supervised by Dr. Xavier Vence Deza.

He graduated (1995) with honors (1997; Extraordinary Award of Bachelor's Degree) and PhD in Economics (1999; Extraordinary Award of Doctorate and Award of the Royal Academy of Doctors). He is currently Associate Professor of Economics (with tenure) at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). He is a member of the Academic Committee of the PhD Programme in Economics and Business and of the Master in Economic Development and Innovation of the USC. He is also a member of the Research Group on Innovation, Structural Change and Development (ICEDE) at the same university. His lines of research focus on innovation, development, trade, global value chains and circular economy. He has more than 80 publications, and has participated in more than 40 research projects, including international projects (European Union). He was the coordinator of the single winner project of the EU-LAC Foundation's Explore Programme call (2015). During the period 2018-2021 he was principal investigator of a project of the National R&D Plan on the implications of the European circular economy strategy in global value chains. He was awarded in 2017 with the first prize (specialist category) from the National Bank of Foreign Trade of Mexico for an essay on global value chains and trade between Mexico and the United States.