Department: Department of Social Psychology, Basic and Methodology

Faculty: Faculty of Psychology

Area: Basic Psychology

Research group: Cognitive processes and behavior


Doctor by the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela with the thesis Efectos de la observación de modelos sobre la conducta de fumar 1992. Supervised by Dr. Cástor Méndez Paz.

Isabel Fraga Carou is a lecturer of Basic Psychology at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). She holds a BA in Philosophy and Education and a PhD in Psychology. In recent years she has held various academic positions, including Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs and First-Cycle Qualification in the Faculty of Psychoanalysis. She currently coordinates the Doctorate Program in Psychological Processes and Social Behaviour, as well as the specialty in Experimental Psychology of the university master´s degree in Psychology. Since 2008 she has also coordinated the Cognitive Processes and Behaviour Research Group. An expert in language psychology, her most recent research focuses on the brain activity associated with the processing of grammatical gender and its possible interaction with affective processing, the development of emotional word corpora and the study of word prevalence in Galician. She was the main researcher of several regional and national projects, member of the Spanish Society of Experimental Psychology, and director of linguistic and psycholinguistic doctoral theses. She has also worked intensively as a reviewer of articles in high impact international journals.