Research lines

  • Characteristics of products: texture, composition, particle size analysis, colour, cellular estructure, shrinkage.
  • Chemical caracterization and antioxidant activities of natural bioactive compounds: agro-industrial residues (flavanols, anthocyanins, flavonols), hops (prenylated, alpha-acid and beta-acid), macroalgae and microalgae (polyphenols, mycosporines, carotenoids and tocopherols).
  • Drying of bioproducts: Air convective drying and osmotic dehydration; rehydratation; optimization of operation conditions, quality of final product.
  • Drying: Equilibrium and drying kinetic, transport properties, modelling, dryers, design.
  • Physical properties of liquid systems: Viscosity, Density, Surface Tension.
  • Process development and optimization of bioactive compounds extraction (polyphenols, hydrocolloids, carotenoids) with ultrasounds.
  • Purification of bioactive fractions by solid phase extraction. Gel and adsorption chromatography methods.
  • Rheology of bioproducts: hydrocolloids, doughs of flour, gluten-free systems.