Viver para contar historia(s)o colonianismo em Terra morta, Things Fall Apart e Les Bouts de bois de dieu

  1. Ndecky, Gilbert
Supervised by:
  1. Rebeca Hernández Alonso Director
  2. Francisco Topa Co-director

Defence university: Universidad de Salamanca

Fecha de defensa: 15 September 2023

  1. Pere Comellas Casanova Chair
  2. Sofía Raquel Oliveira Dias Secretary
  3. María Felisa Rodríguez Prado Committee member

Type: Thesis


This work aims to contextualize African literature in relation to the colonial era: the role that colonialism played in Africa. Many European writers have spoken of the civilizing mission of the colonizer. However, the colonized took the opposite view after suffering the humiliation inflicted by the invaders. But it should be noted that the black who dared to revolt against the white was exposed to death or inhuman punishment. The analysis of the three works therefore took into account, more or less, all the criticisms of the three African writers and those of several European writers. The work we have done has allowed us so little to see how the Western world, in general, has treated the peoples of Africa. The analysis of the three novels mentioned in our outline has shown the divergences and convergences in the different points of view of the three authors. This is linked to the narratological part. In the second chapter, we questioned the true stories the authors alluded to (res factaeThe third evokes the language and style of the authors of the works studied. In the fourth chapter, we talked about identity reflexes to highlight the clashes that took place between the colonizers and the indigenous peoples. So the intention was not to rewrite history or speak of literature beyond what Western experts and other countries of the world have already done. This work aims to try to understand how some authors consider the way in which the memory of the Portuguese, English and French colonial past still interferes in the present life of Africans through literary representations with very striking characteristics. This is a book comparing the three types of colonization (French, Portuguese and English) in Africa.