Estrategias de cartera de productos-marcas para empresas detallistas. Efectos derivados de la introducción de nuevas categorías de marcas de distribuido

  1. Rodolfo Vázquez Casielles 1
  2. Víctor Iglesias Argüelles 1
  3. Juan A. Trespalacios Gutiérrez 1
  4. Concepción Varela Neira 2
  1. 1 Universidad de Oviedo

    Universidad de Oviedo

    Oviedo, España


  2. 2 Universidade de Santiaago de Compostela
Estrategias competitivas en canales de distribución comercial tradicional "versus" on-line
  1. Vázquez Casielles, Rodolfo (coord.)
  2. Juan A. Trespalacios Gutiérrez (coord.)
  3. Eduardo Estrada Alonso (coord.)
  4. Celina González Mieres (coord.)

Publisher: Cátedra Fundación Ramón Areces de Distribución Comercial ; Universidad de Oviedo

ISBN: 978-84-8367-357-7

Year of publication: 2011

Pages: 191-209

Type: Book chapter


The entry order of new types of store brands has become a key issue for retailer, as it may structurally change the performance of and the interactions among firms in distribution channels. In this work, we study the effects produced by the introduction of two new categories of store brands (economy and premium) on the market share of various manufacturer brands (premium-quality and mainstream-quality) and the retailer’s existing imitation store brand offering. The authors propose a multinomial logit model of brand selection that accommodates context effects (similarity, attraction and compromise). Our empirical results, obtained from a panel data (provided by a hypermarket chain sited in Spain) make up of a sample of 254 families, indicate that the introduction of new store brands categories generates notable changes in consumer quality