Análisis económico de la demanda de educación universitaria y sus determinantesun análisis cuantitativo para Colombia

  1. Carlos Giovanni González Espitia
Dirixida por:
  1. Cecilia Albert Verdú Director
  2. John James Mora Director

Universidade de defensa: Universidad de Alcalá

Ano de defensa: 2011

  1. Carlos García Serrano Presidente/a
  2. Virginia Hernanz Martín Secretario/a
  3. José Manuel Roig Cotanda Vogal
  4. María Ángeles Davia Rodríguez Vogal
  5. Isabel Neira Gómez Vogal

Tipo: Tese


The objective of this dissertation is to understand the forces determining the demand for higher education in Colombia. The analysis is based on robust discrete choice microeconometric models and a rich micro data base spanning the years 1981-2005. The methodology accounts for the correlation of the unobserved heterogeneity of high school students and their decision to engage in postsecondary studies. In particular, I am concerned about the fact that high school graduates are a selected sample of the population with unobserved skills that are correlated with their choice of higher education. The dissertation has four parts: First, I present a literature review, followed, in the second part, by an analysis of the environment and the institutional background. Third, I estimate a model of demand for secondary and postsecondary education. Fourth, I discuss and correct the problem of sample selection implied by the fact that a high school degree is a prerequisite for higher levels of education.