¿Autonomía o subordinación mediática? La formación de la ciudadanía en el contexto comunicativo reciente

  1. Ignacio Aguaded-Gómez
  2. Mari Carmen Caldeiro-Pedreira
Diálogos de la comunicación

ISSN: 1813-9248

Ano de publicación: 2017

Número: 93

Tipo: Artigo

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The presence of multiple communication forms and technology transfer justify the media citizenship development. In the emerging digital society, citizens have to live with the media and they must understand audiovisual contents. Aware of it we set formation as a model for the media autonomy development. The communicative situation determines and it influences the citizenship moral character. Thus, in this research, we revise the thought of the main authors who focus their interest in the moral character development and we contrast different positions that certify the need and scope of autonomy by receptors and issuers information. This research justified the relevance of citizenship training and learning as a way to reach critical subjects called “emirec”, this is people who can analyze the main audiovisual contents that they are exposed, people who it is able to understand audiovisual information and who can produce contents autonomous, now called «prosumer”