Estudiar en la universidadun momento especial en la vida

  1. J. Felipe Trillo Alonso
  2. Miguel Ángel Zabalza Beraza
  3. Yesshenia Vilas 1
  1. 1 Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

    Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

    Santiago de Compostela, España


RAES: Revista Argentina de Educación Superior

ISSN: 1852-8171

Ano de publicación: 2017

Número: 14

Páxinas: 144-164

Tipo: Artigo

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  • Ciencias Sociais: D


Higher Education Didactic needs to rediscover student’s role and function, in order to accommodate its perspectives of analysis and intervention to them. From centered in teaching Didactic we need to move to a centered on learning didactic, able to include in its considerations the multidimensionality of university experience. Living university is a more extensive and polychrome experience than just studying at it. Good students are not those who study more or who get better grades but those who achieve more enrichment, both personal and professional, in their passage through university campus. This is something that depends on students themselves but, above all, on the education proposals that the university offers to them.