Avant les textesnouvelles remarques sur le manuscrit Paris, BNF, Latin 7027

  1. Vázquez Buján, Manuel Enrique
Les textes médicaux latins comme littérature: actes du VIe colloque international sur les textes médicaux latins du 1er au 3 septembre 1998 à Nantes
  1. Pigeaud, Alfrieda (ed. lit.)
  2. Pigeaud, Jackie (ed. lit.)

Editorial: Université de Nantes ; Institut Universitaire de France

ISBN: 2-86939-156-0

Ano de publicación: 2000

Páxinas: 317-329

Congreso: Colloque International sur les Textes Médicaux Latins (6. 1998. Nantes)

Tipo: Achega congreso


The manuscript latin 7027 of the BNF (= P4) exhibits some rearrangements in the order of the text of the Latin translation of the first book of the Regimen and also of the commentary to the third Section of the 'Aphorisms' ; the quantitative proportion of the pieces of text that have been moved leads us to assume the existence of an accidentaI error in the copying process of an ancestor of the manuscript. On the other hand, we may discover the conditions under which the copy was made, which helps us evaluate more clearly the evidence of tradition, this in order to identify the entity of a text ('De natura generis humani') and the problems raised by the edition of texts of a "dynamic" nature.