Department: Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry

Faculty: Faculty of Biology

Institute: Institute of Studies and Development of Galicia (IDEGA)

Area: Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry

Research group: EcoPast


Doctor by the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela with the thesis Selección ejercida por mutualistas y antagonistas sobre el tamaño de fruto de " Crataegus monogyna " 2010. Supervised by Dr. José Guitián Rivera, Dr. Asier Rodríguez Larrinaga.

I am a scientist originally from Spain, the core of my professional activity is on the one hand the evolutionary ecology of plant-animal interactions and on the other, the research on the impact of global change on biodiversity, particularly regarding ecosystem functions and services such as carbon storage. I am also engaged in science outreach (enjoy the video and active against gender discrimination in science. Working at USC, Spain. Previously at CNRS, France and Stanford, USA.