Department: Department of Spanish Language and Literature, Literary Theory and General Linguistics

Faculty: Faculty of Philology

Area: Spanish Literature

Research group: Spanish Grammar


Personal web:

Doctor by the Universidad de Salamanca with the thesis Las formas de tratamiento tú y usted en el español centro-norte peninsular. Estudio sociolingüístico 2016. Supervised by Dr. María del Carmen Fernández Juncal.

BA in Hispanic Philology from the USC and Award for Excellence in Academic Career by the Regional Government of Galicia (2010). Doctor of ‘Spanish Linguistics: Research and Teaching’ from the University of Salamanca (2016) (International Doctorate), MA in Teaching (2011) and MA in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (2012). Between 2011 and 2021, I worked as a teacher and researcher at the University of Salamanca, the University of Lisbon and the University of Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle. I taught the courses General Linguistics, Spanish Linguistics, Discourse Analysis, Spanish as a Foreign Language, Syntax, Didactics of Spanish and Journalistic Writing and Textual Criticism, in different Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. As a researcher, I was part of the Centre of Linguistics of the University of Lisbon (CLUL) and the team CLESTHIA- Langage, Systèmes, Discours of the U. of Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle. Currently, I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Spanish Grammar Group. My lines of research are cross-cultural pragmatics, discourse analyses, contrastive linguistics, applied linguistics, Spanish as a second language and corpus linguistics for language teaching and learning.