Design and measurement of the projects of manure

  1. J. J. González López
  2. José Manuel Pereira González
  3. Martín Barrasa Rioja
  4. E. Gestoso
VIII Congreso Internacional de Ingeniería de Proyectos: Bilbao 6-8 de octubre de 2004. Actas

Publisher: Asociación Española de Ingeniería de Proyectos (AEIPRO)

ISBN: 84-95809-22-2

Year of publication: 2005

Congress: CIDIP. Congreso Internacional de Ingeniería de Proyectos (8. 2004. Bilbao)

Type: Conference paper


This paper presents a spreadsheet application which helps in design and measurement phase of the projects of manure storage for farm cows. Some variables of design that the application contain are: Geometry: circular, square, rectangular. Compartment number: One, two, three Position: Buried, superficial Roof: With roof, without roof Some variables of measurement phase that the application contains are: Quantity of cows, rain, dirty water, silage effluvium, annual number of times of drainage, etc. Last of all it does a structural calculation in reinforced concrete and it estimates the cost of different solutions.