The Major Obstacles and Factors Facing Green Building in the KSA: A Background Study

  1. Amri, Tariq Al
  2. Otaibi, Naif Al
  3. Marey-Perez, Manuel
Engineering and Technology Quarterly Reviews

ISSN: 2622-9374

Año de publicación: 2023

Volumen: 6

Número: 1

Tipo: Artículo

DOI: 10.31219/OSF.IO/A352B GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openAcceso abierto editor

Otras publicaciones en: Engineering and Technology Quarterly Reviews


This research aims to highlight the obstacles to green buildings and reveal the factors that can help in reducing these obstacles. It uses a qualitative approach and collects data from previous studies. The results highlight that the literature on green buildings mentions barriers and obstacles in different categories, including financial, governmental, organizational, management, operational, technical, and socio-cultural barriers. Most of these barriers, directly and indirectly, affect the development of green buildings. To overcome these barriers, there are some important factors to be considered, including the introduction of new government rules and regulations, offering incentives to industry to encourage businesses, creating a collaborative culture among stakeholders to spread awareness and knowledge, information regarding green building, ensuring the sharing of success factors, and sharing of critical cases to add knowledge to others. Emphasis on these factors or strategies can help in the development of green buildings, which will lead to sustainable development in Saudi Arabia. Project managers can consider these results as guidelines to ensure sustainable development.