Benito Madariaga de la Campa (1931-2019), Presidente Honorario de la Sociedad Menéndez Pelayo

  1. González Herrán, José Manuel
Boletín de la Biblioteca de Menéndez Pelayo

ISSN: 0006-1646

Ano de publicación: 2020

Volume: 96

Ano: 1

Páxinas: 227-235

Tipo: Artigo

DOI: 10.55422/BBMP.529 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openAcceso aberto editor

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This obituary pays tribute to Benito Madariaga de la Campa. He was Honorary President of the Menéndez Pelayo Society. He has also been one of the most outstanding figures in the culture of Cantabria of the last sixty years, in fields as diverse as prehistory, archaeology, ethnography, history. In his articles and lectures he was interested in characters, authors, institutions and topics in the history and culture of Cantabria. He also served as Member and Secretary of the Cultural Institution of Cantabria, Member of the Board of Work and Librarian of the Center for Mountain Studies, Secretary of the Ateneo de Santander, among others.