New approaches to cinematic space

  1. Filipa Rosário ed. lit.
  2. Iván Villarmea Álvarez ed. lit.

Editorial: Routledge USA

ISBN: 9781138604445 978-0-429-46849-0

Ano de publicación: 2019

Tipo: Libro


New Approaches to Cinematic Space aims to discuss the process of cre- ation of cinematic spaces through moving images and the subsequent in- terpretation of their purpose and meaning. Throughout 17 chapters, this edited collection will attempt to identify and interpret the formal strate- gies used by different filmmakers to depict real or imaginary places and turn them into abstract, conceptual spaces. The contributors to this vol- ume will specifically focus on a series of systems of representation that go beyond the mere visual reproduction of a given location to construct a network of meanings that ultimately shapes our spatial worldview.