The Influence of Semantic and Pragmatic Factors in Wason's Selection Task: State of the Art

  1. Valiña García, María Dolores
  2. Martín Rajo, Montserrat

ISSN: 2150-7180

Ano de publicación: 2016

Volume: 7

Número: 925-940

Tipo: Artigo

DOI: 10.4236/PSYCH.2016.76094 GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openMINERVA editor


One of the cognitive processes, which has generated more research within the framework of the Psychology of thinking is human reasoninig. Through the history of the Psychology of reasoning one of the experimental task most frequently used to study how subjects reason and why make mistakes is the Wason's selection task or the four card problem (Wason 1966, 1968). This work presents the current state of the experimental research on this task, using as a common thread the empirical studies which have lightigtted the plasticity of reasoning towards semantic and pragmatic factors