Relatos de transición ocupacional de mujeres inmigrantes en España

  1. Santiago Lista, Cristina
  2. Rivas-Quarneti, Natalia
  3. Añón Loureiro, Lorena
  4. Movilla Fernández, María Jesús
Revista electrónica de terapia ocupacional Galicia, TOG

ISSN: 1885-527X

Ano de publicación: 2014

Número: 20

Tipo: Artigo

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The purpose of this exploratory and descriptive study was to deepen on the occupational transition experience of Latin American women living in socially vulnerable situations since their arrival in Spain. Theoretical sampling and snowball sampling were used. Data were collected through interviews with seven women and social professional involved in this reality. Findings describe "Occupations before migration", "Occupations when arriving in Spain: daily living challenges ", "Finding a new place" and "Great unexpected challenges ... the crisis." These categories illuminate changes in occupational performance, increasing leisure and free time, promotion of integration in the social and cultural structure through occupational participation in the new community, and experiences of empowerment by achieve satisfactory occupational performance. The implications of these results are discussed and possible uses for occupational therapy practice, such as working to promote access and participation in meaningful occupation: advocacy, creation of social projects or social entrepreneurship, among others.