Avance conceptual en la conservación de los humedales costeros en el contexto de la Gestión Integrada de Zonas Costeras

  1. R. Carballeira 1
  2. D. Vázquez-Loureiro 2
  3. X.L. Otero Pérez 1
  4. M.C. López-Rodríguez 1
  5. R. Blanco 1
  6. R. Bao 2
  7. M. Leira 3
  1. 1 Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

    Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

    Santiago de Compostela, España

    ROR https://ror.org/030eybx10

  2. 2 Universidade da Coruña

    Universidade da Coruña

    La Coruña, España

    ROR https://ror.org/01qckj285

  3. 3 Universidade de Lisboa

    Universidade de Lisboa

    Lisboa, Portugal

    ROR https://ror.org/01c27hj86

Geotemas (Madrid)

ISSN: 1576-5172

Ano de publicación: 2015

Título do exemplar: VIII Jornadas de Geomorfología Litoral

Número: 15

Páxinas: 141-144

Tipo: Artigo

Outras publicacións en: Geotemas (Madrid)


The management of coastal wetlands is considered deficient in many coastal areas of Europe due to insufficient information on the ecological reference conditions, the evolution of biological communities and the impact of human activities. The shallow coastal lakes are very complex ecological entities with many interacting components and highly dynamics that require a multi-scale approach, both in space and in time. Therefore, to determine the conservation status of the shallow coastal lake Doniños (Ferrol, A Coruña) has been applied an interdisciplinary approach towards research of current environmental problems through knowledge of the disturbances due to the impacts of past through paleolimnological analysis. In this way it was possible to determine the magnitude of the disturbances of natural origin and impacts from human activities, both in areas of greater connectivity to the lake system as in the area of the watershed due to changes in landscape evaluated based on the historical record of aerial photography. Thus it was possible to obtain a more complete understanding of the ecological evolution of Lake Doniños in relation to a robust scientific basis which will establish more effective strategies for conservation in the context of Integrate Coastal Management.