Regions and innovation policies in Europelearning from the margins

  1. Manuel González-López ed. lit.
  2. Bjørn Asheim ed. lit.

Editorial: Edward Elgar

ISBN: 9781789904154

Ano de publicación: 2020

Tipo: Libro

DOI: 10.4337/9781789904161 DIALNET GOOGLE SCHOLAR


A novel contribution to the growing field of regional innovation policies, this timely book combines recent theoretical developments and empirical contributions. With a keen focus on non-core regions, some of the top scholars in the field discuss the topics of regional path transformation, place-based strategy and policy learning. Analysing the role of EU institutions, the book includes a thematic section on EU regional and innovation policies as well as four key case studies of peripheral European regions, Galicia, Apulia, Malopolska and Agder. By analysing these case studies, the authors offer advice on how to improve regional innovation policies and systems within a modern context, where smart specialisation dominates and competitiveness is increasingly relevant