Improvement of anterior and posterior segment ocular drug deliveryapplication in ocular cystinosis and age-related macular degeneration

  1. Andrea Luaces Rodríguez
Dirixida por:
  1. Francisco Javier Otero Espinar Director
  2. Anxo Fernández Ferreiro Director

Universidade de defensa: Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

Ano de defensa: 2020

  1. María del Rocío Herrero Vanrell Presidente/a
  2. Pablo Aguiar Fernández Secretario
  3. Maria José Garcia Fernández Vogal
  1. Departamento de Farmacoloxía, Farmacia e Tecnoloxía Farmacéutica

Tipo: Tese


In this doctoral thesis, hydrogel-based formulations containing cysteamine of great potential for the treatment of ocular cystinosis have been developed. The hydrogel based on hyaluronic acid polymer has been extensively characterised and its preparation has been translated to Hospital Pharmacy Departments. On the other hand, regarding the study of intravitreal injections in AMD, this thesis has demonstrated the usefulness of the PET methodology for the study of intravitreal pharmacokinetics in rats, which has been subsequently used for the evaluation of the ocular pharmacokinetics after intravitreal administration of aflibercept and bevacizumab. Moreover, intravitreal chitosan-based implants containing aflibercept which permit its extended delivery have been developed.