Las prácticas en empresas en la universidad española¿cómo son los centros universitarios más involucrados?

  1. Caballero Fernández, Gloria
  2. Piñeiro García, María Pilar
  3. García-Pintos Escuder, Adela
Cuadernos de estudios empresariales

ISSN: 1131-6985

Year of publication: 2008

Issue: 18

Pages: 229-242

Type: Article

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The accomplishment of practices in companies is one of the actions that improves the employability of the university pupils due to their experience in the companies and to the acquired knowledge. This paper analyzes the accomplishment of practices in companies in the university Spanish centers. Especially, using a sample of 230 university Spanish centers, it approaches what variables influence in the major or minor involvement of the university Spanish centers in the development of practices (prácticum, practices abroad, practices on having finished the studies, practices in companies of graduates). These variables include the scientific area of the center, the level of studies given in this one (faculty or school), the type of university (public or private), the number of qualifications that are given, the managerial dynamism of the autonomous community to which there belongs every center, the antiquity, the number of pupils, etc.