Estudio de los accidentes mortales en el sector agrario de Galicia desde el 2004 al 2010

  1. M. Barrasa
  2. S. Lamosa
  3. J. Maciñeiras
  4. I. Piñeiro
VII Congreso Ibérico de Agroingeniería y Ciencias Hortícolas: innovar y producir para el futuro. Libro de actas
  1. Ayuga Téllez, Francisco (coord.)
  2. Masaguer Rodríguez, Alberto (coord.)
  3. Mariscal Sancho, Ignacio (coord.)
  4. Villarroel Robinson, Morris (coord.)
  5. Ruiz-Altisent, Margarita (coord.)
  6. Riquelme Ballesteros, Fernando (coord.)
  7. Correa Hernando, Eva Cristina (coord.)

Publisher: Fundación General de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

ISBN: 84-695-9055-3 978-84-695-9055-3

Year of publication: 2014

Pages: 519-523

Congress: Congreso Ibérico de Agroingeniería y Ciencias Hortícolas (7. 2013. Madrid)

Type: Conference paper


Agricultural workers are exposed to many and varied risks because of the special characteristics of the agricultural sector, where many tasks are carried out using a wide variety of machinery, from the most rudimentary to the most advanced. In addition, these characteristics are often combined with the use of lowskilled workers, the lack of knowledge of the relevant safety practices and the lack or improper use of protective equipment. As a result, accident rates in the agricultural sector are high, particularly considering that many accidents do not meet the requirements to be considered workplace accidents because they are not reported to the relevant services or because the person involved in the accident is a family member, an employee, a retiree or a person with agriculture as their second activity. The aim of this study is to perform a detailed analysis of the reports of fatal work accidents in the agricultural sector in Galicia for the period 2004-2010. To this end, the characteristics of agricultural workers, the activities performed by those workers and the characteristics of the accident are explored in detail. For the analysis, we used the reports of fatal accidents occurred during working hours in the agricultural Galician sector between 2004 and 2010 provided by the Galician Safety and Health Institute (ISSGA). The number of fatal accidents occurred during working hours was 30, which accounts for 4.71% of the total number of fatal accidents.