The functioning of the school libraryimportance of its human and material resources

  1. F. Barreiro Fernández
  2. M.D. Castro Pais
  3. M.J. Mosteiro García
  4. E.T. Zamora Rodríguez
Edulearn 18. 10th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technology: (Palma, 2nd-4th of July, 2018). Conference proceedings
  1. Gómez Chova, Luis (coord.)
  2. López Martínez, A. (coord.)
  3. Candel Torres, I. (coord.)

Editorial: IATED Academy

ISBN: 978-84-09-02709-5

Ano de publicación: 2018

Páxinas: 5138-5146

Congreso: Edulearn. International conference on Education and New Learning Technology (10. 2018. Palma)

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