De ídolos y dioses en el "Cancionero de Ripoll"

  1. Helena de Carlos Villamarín
Troianalexandrina: Anuario sobre literatura medieval de materia clásica

ISSN: 1577-5003

Ano de publicación: 2013

Número: 13

Páxinas: 113-127

Tipo: Artigo

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DOI: 10.1484/j.troia.1.103688 GOOGLE SCHOLAR



  • Ciencias Humanas: C


The aim of this paper is to study some of the images and topoi offered by the first of the poems of the Ripoll Song Book, which can be dated in the twelfth century. This programmatical poem seems to proclaim the conversion to a pagan view of life and love that is not at odds with the monastical one, since this can be seen as a modus vivendi parallel to a society lived in common which was not based upon mercantile production and sexual reproduction. The identification of the image of an idol on its base, as pagan idols are usually represented in medieval illuminated manuscripts, contributes to this reading and helps in understanding other images and quotations of the poem.