Forest resource management during Roman and Medieval cave occupations in the Northwest of the Iberian PeninsulaCova do Xato and Cova Eirós (Galicia, Spain)

  1. Andrés Manuel Teira Brión
  2. María Martín Seijo
  3. Arturo Jesús de Lombera Hermida
  4. Ramón Fábregas Valcarce
  5. Xosé Pedro Rodríguez Álvarez
Saguntum: Papeles del Laboratorio de Arqueología de Valencia-Extra

ISSN: 2253-7295 2254-0512

Ano de publicación: 2012

Título do exemplar: Wood and charcoal evidence for human and natural history

Número: 13

Páxinas: 159-166

Tipo: Artigo

Outras publicacións en: Saguntum: Papeles del Laboratorio de Arqueología de Valencia-Extra


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References to the existence of historic remains in NW Iberian caves are frequent. However, archaeological research tends to focus on the search for evidence of older occupations, with little attention given to these historic levels. The aim of this article is to present the re- sults of archaeobotanical analysis (charcoal analysis and carpology) from two caves in the eastern mountains of the province of Lugo � Cova do Xato and Cova Eirós � to determine the management of forest resources by the different communities living in them.