Risky sexual behaviour and drug use in the recreational nightlife contextA gender perspective

  1. Calafat Far, Amador
  2. Juan Jerez, Montserrat
  3. Becoña Iglesias, Elisardo
  4. Mantecón Terán, Alejandro
  5. Ramón, Anna
Psychology in Spain

ISSN: 1137-9685

Ano de publicación: 2010

Número: 14

Páxinas: 57-63

Tipo: Artigo

Outras publicacións en: Psychology in Spain


The aim of this study was to analyze the relationship between the use of alcohol and other drugs and sexual risk behaviour, within the weekend recreational nightlife context. A survey was carried out in three Spanish regions (Balearic Islands, Galicia, and Comunidad Valenciana) with a sample of 440 young people (52.3% women and 47.7% men) aged 14-25 who regularly take part in recreational nightlife activity. Selection of participants was made using the Respondent Driven Sampling (RDS) procedure. The results indicate that men had more sexual relations under the effects of alcohol and other drugs than did women; however, there were no significant differences between the sexes in the use of condoms, or in having had sexual relations that they regretted later on. Frequency of going out in the nightlife context increased the level of drug use and the probability of having sexual relations under the effects of substances. However, no relationship was found between frequency of going out in the nightlife context and sexual risk practices.