Cristianización del capítulo "De vitiis et virtutibus orationis" en las gramáticas visigóticas

  1. José Carracedo Fraga
Revista de Poética Medieval

ISSN: 1137-8905

Ano de publicación: 2006

Número: 17

Páxinas: 23-48

Tipo: Artigo

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  • Ciencias Humanas: A


Schools in Hispania during the Visigothic period underwent a process of christianisation which affected the teaching of grammar in general and of the chapter on vitia et virtutes orationis in particular. The Bible became an essential source of explanations and examples of those notions included in the syllabus. In addition to this, the new Christian writers were incorporated, alongside classical pagan authors, to the catalogue of auctores who were considered models of correct and good language use.