Sobre la composición de algunas glosas médicas del "Liber glossarum"

  1. Manuel Enrique Vázquez Buján
Estudios de filología e historia en honor del profesor Vitalino Valcárcel
  1. Iñigo Ruiz Arzalluz (coord.)
  2. Alejandro Martínez Sobrino (ed. lit.)
  3. Maite Muñoz García de Iturrospe (ed. lit.)
  4. Iñaki Ortigosa Egiraun (ed. lit.)
  5. Enara San Juan Manso (ed. lit.)
  6. Vitalino Valcárcel Martínez (hom.)

Editorial: Servicio de Publicaciones ; Universidad del País Vasco = Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea

ISBN: 978-84-908-2048-3

Ano de publicación: 2014

Volume: 2

Páxinas: 1095-1107

Tipo: Capítulo de libro


The author studies the composition of some medical glosses from the Liber Glossarum analising the use made of their sources. Only some of them appear in the Heiberg edition. The compiler�s intervention does not seem to be always the same: sometimes he reduces the passage used as source by means of the selective suppression of a fragment; in other cases he accumulates passages from different works by the same author; some glosses are configured by integrating diverse sources; finally, we do not discard that some of the annotations have been significantly rewritten when compared with the source initially employed.