Análisis multidimensional de las competencias distintivas de las PyMES del sector hotelero de Galicia

  1. Suyo, Gabriel
  2. Castromán Diz, Juan Luis
Optimización-Estocástica-Recursiva-Coherente-Sistémica y sus variantes (probabilidad, econometría y estadística aplicada)
  1. Ramos, María (coord.)
  2. Miranda Torrado, Fernando (coord.)

Publisher: ECORFAN

ISBN: 978-607-00-5902-5

Year of publication: 2012

Pages: 189-218

Type: Book chapter


Small and medium business (SMEs), of the hotel sector, needs to improve and to develop sustainable competitive advantages. The Resources and Capacities Based View theory, has been applying in both material and immaterial assets. The aim of this work is to identify the factors of the operation area with potential capacity of improve the competitive position of the SMEs of hotel sector, and to classify them on clusters according to its competitive priorities. The research has been developed by means of a survey presented to a sample of the SMEs in Galicia ¿ Spain. The results of the research shows the framework the SMEs managing their resources and capacities to develop competitive advantages in terms of customers satisfaction, service quality and productivity.