Cambio de proveedor tras un fallo en el servicio

  1. Varela Neira, Concepción
  2. Vázquez Casielles, Rodolfo
  3. Iglesias Argüelles, Víctor
Administrando en entornos inciertos = managing in uncertain environment
  1. Cossío Silva, F. J. (coord.)

Publisher: Escuela Superior de Gestión Comercial y Marketing, ESIC

ISBN: 978-84-7356-609-4

Year of publication: 2009

Congress: Asociación Europea de Dirección y Economía de Empresa. Congreso Nacional (23. 2009. Sevilla)

Type: Conference paper


This paper examines several constructs which deter customers from switching providers after a service failure. It analyzes the effect of customer (dis)satisfaction, switching barriers, attractiveness of alternatives and relationship age on the aforementioned behavior. The methodology employed is based on probit analysis and on a recent line of investigation which defends the study of real service failure situations. The results, obtained in the financial services industry, show that customer satisfaction with complaint handling can reduce the negative effect of a service failure on maintaining relationships with providers. Moreover, relationship age and lack of alternative attractiveness also have an important role when preventing that the customer switches providers.