The role of klf4 and pregnancy under hfd on energy homeostasis

  1. María Estrella Sánchez Rebordelo
Dirixida por:
  1. Carlos Diéguez González Director
  2. Rubén Nogueiras Pozo Director

Universidade de defensa: Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

Ano de defensa: 2018

  1. Susana Sangiao-Alvarellos Presidente/a
  2. Luisa Maria Seoane Camino Secretario/a
  3. René Javier Hernández Bautista Vogal
  1. Departamento de Fisioloxía

Tipo: Tese


In this thesis we report that hypothalamic KLF4 represents a new transcription factor specifically modulating AgRP expression in vivo. Hypothalamic KLF4 colocalizes with AgRP neurons and is modulated by nutritional status and leptin. KLF4 over-expression in the arcuate nucleus is sufficient to increase food intake and to blunt the anorectic action of leptin in a FoxO1-independent manner. Moreover hypothalamic KLF4 is regulated by leptin in rats fed a chow diet but not in diet induced obesity rats, and KLF4 does not affect high fat diet- induced leptin resistance. Pregnancy is a special metabolic state and we wanted to characterize the impact of diet before and during pregnancy. We found that independently of the type of diet in late pregnancy: glucose serum levels were decreased, there is an increase in triglyceride serum levels, brown adipose tissue and body temperature are decreased and lipid mobilization is increased in brown adipose tissue.