La proyección humana de D. Ramón María Aller Ulloa, su legado científico y la Casa Museo de Lalín

  1. Doporto Regueira, Cecilia
Supervised by:
  1. J. A. Docobo Durántez Director

Defence university: Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

Fecha de defensa: 13 January 2017

  1. Antonio Elipe Sánchez Chair
  2. Juan Manuel Monterroso Montero Secretary
  3. Fernando J. Ponte Hernando Committee member
  1. Department of Applied Mathematics

Type: Thesis


This Memory is dedicated to Ramon Maria Aller Ulloa, his human projection, and his scientific legacy. The text is composed of an introduction and seven chapters. The first chapter presents oral testimonies of family members, neighbors, and students. A huge quantity of unpublished works that are scattered in official and particular files have been brought to light in the second chapter. His diffusion articles in newspapers and magazines, his letters, and newspapers reports about him are treated in the follwing sections. In chapter six, a wide-ranging inventory of his scientific material (instrumentation, books, inventions, observations, notes, etc.) are presented. The last chapter deals with the history and evolution of the original family house and the personal Observatory of Ramon Maria Aller in Lalín. Today the building is the Municipal Museum of the village with its renovated Observatory. Thanks to the contents of this work, the biography of Ramon Maria Aller, an extraordinary galician astronomer, mathematician, and intellectual is more complete, extensive, and accesible to the general public.