La entrevista periodística¿género o herramienta?

  1. Santamaría Ochoa, Carlos David
Supervised by:
  1. José Miguel Túñez López Director

Defence university: Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

Fecha de defensa: 17 November 2011

  1. Montse Quesada Chair
  2. Xosé Ramón Pousa Estévez Secretary
  3. María Luisa Otero López Committee member
  4. Yolanda Martínez Solana Committee member
  1. Department of Communication Sciences

Type: Thesis


The journalistic interview is one of the seven genera recognized, its significance is fundamental to the practice of journalism, as it allows to establish direct communication between the actors and journalists, to make known to the public various information: facts, opinions, postures. This genre has lost presence in the print media, probably because with incorporation of new technologies and newspapers and Internet portals, practitioners of this activity have been developed that are claimed by other publishers, giving way to the news or notes informative and sometimes chronic. This thesis raises the question of the interview: has become a tool for the construction of other genres and journalistic products to disappear as a genre? In Ciudad Victoria, capital of the Mexican state of Tamaulipas printed newspapers spend little or no space for the practice of this genre, arguing that its development is a large investment of time for the journalist. On the other hand, the work presents a comparison between the journalistic interview which is conducted in disciplines such as judicial, labor, and clinical treatment, seeking common ground and the interview journalistic contributions to make to other disciplines and vice versa.