La tecnología de elaboración de vino como factor determinante del diseño constructivo de las bodegas

  1. Mercedes Díaz del Río
Dirixida por:
  1. Francisco Ayuga Téllez Director
  2. Manuel Guaita Fernández Director

Universidade de defensa: Universidad de La Rioja

Ano de defensa: 2016

  1. Pedro José Aguado Rodríguez Presidente/a
  2. José Luis Gómez Urdáñez Secretario/a
  3. Jose M. Fuentes Pardo Vogal

Tipo: Tese


This work is about the winemaking technology evolution has had in Rioja area, conditioning the spaces dedicated to made wine. The objective of the winemaking technology has been obtaining stable wines that allow their conseravation to arrive to spanish and international markets. The use of natural features to reach the humidity and temperatura and the use of gravity in moving fluids, have been some of the parameters under we have built wine-cellers for long time. There are many types of wine-celler that have been built, that have varied depending on the wines that were produced and the technology employed and there are many materials that have been used in wineries design. Concrete structures, metal and wood have been alterned along different times to build them. From traditional to moder wine-cellers, where the evolution of technology has enabled the mechanization of some operations, so less workforce is needed, have developed different types of wine-cellers, according to the wines produced and the way of working. This work reflects the evolution that has existed in the use of building materials to wine-cellars and in tanks construction. The machinery used in the processing of grapes, and the importance of cooling installations in modern oenology, both comercial and cooperative wineries included in DOC Rioja.