Cuentos clásicos vs. cuentos actualesUna comparativa de literatura infantil desde una perspectiva de género

  1. Jorge Conde Miguélez 1
  2. Jorge García Marín 1
  3. Laura Pacheco García 1
  4. Antonio García Vinuesa 1
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Children’s tales are one of the most used educational resources in early childhood education classrooms. With the aim of evaluating the adequacy of this type of literature in coeducation contexts, we developed a comparative study from a gender perspective. We designed a content analysis instrument expressly to compare 40 children’s tales (20 classics and 20 contemporary stories) using the qualitative analysis program Atlas.ti. The results indicate that there are still sexist elements in the stories used in childhood education. However, in current children’s literature there is a positive evolution towards equity, since it now pays more attention to gender perspective, to the diversity of family typologies and to task equality, which marks a desirable line of evolution, although there are still certain aspects that do not reflect an egalitarian image. Finally, we present a series of recommendations for childhood educations courses.