Colistin Resistance in Monophasic Isolates of Salmonella enterica ST34 Collected From Meat-Derived Products in Spain, With or Without CMY-2 Co-production

  1. Vázquez, X.
  2. García, V.
  3. Fernández, J.
  4. Bances, M.
  5. de Toro, M.
  6. Ladero, V.
  7. Rodicio, R.
  8. Rodicio, M.R.
Frontiers in Microbiology

ISSN: 1664-302X

Datum der Publikation: 2021

Ausgabe: 12

Art: Artikel

DOI: 10.3389/FMICB.2021.735364 GOOGLE SCHOLAR lock_openOpen Access editor