The anger of Achilles in The Iliad and of Francis Marion Tarwater in Flannery O'Connor's The Violent Bear It Away

  1. Ruiz Pérez, Ángel
Journal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics

ISSN: 0252-8169

Ano de publicación: 2017

Volume: 47

Número: 2

Páxinas: 27-40

Tipo: Artigo

Outras publicacións en: Journal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics



  • Ciencias Sociais: C
  • Ciencias Humanas: C


Achilles’ anger in the Iliad acts as a catalyzer in the war’s outcome and also helps characterize Achilles himself, frustrated because, in spite of being a goddess’ son, he suffers a destiny of death. This article draws a comparison between Achilles’ wrath and the anger that fuels Tarwater in The Violent Bear It Away, Flannery O’Connor’s last novel. As with the protagonist of the Iliad, Tarwarter’s rebellion to prove that he is in total control over his own life eventually jeopardizes the order of the world around him