Experiencias de violencias de género 2.0 en GaliciaPercepción de las personas agresoras

  1. María José Méndez Lois
  2. Felicidad Barreiro Fernández
  3. Milena Villar Varela
  4. Aixa Permuy Martínez
Actas XVIII Congreso Internacional de Investigación Educativa: interdisciplinariedad y transferencia (AIDIPE, 2017)
  1. María Esperanza Herrera García
  2. María José Rodríguez Conde
  3. Susana Olmos Migueláñez
  4. Fernando Martínez Abad
  5. Eva María Torrecilla Sánchez
  6. Juan Pablo Hernández Ramos
  7. Patricia Torrijos Fincias
  8. José Carlos Sánchez Prieto
  9. Adriana Gamazo García
  10. Francisco José García Peñalvo
  11. Antonio Miguel Seoane Pardo
  12. Valentina Zangrando
  13. Alicia García Holgado
  14. Felicidad García Sánchez
  15. Juan Cruz Benito

Publisher: Asociacion Interuniversitaria de Investigacion Pedagógica (AIDIPE)

ISBN: 978-84-697-4106-1

Year of publication: 2017

Pages: 509-518

Congress: Congreso Internacional de Investigación Educativa (AIDIPE) (18. 2017. Salamanca)

Type: Conference paper


In the current situation of technological revolution, the cyberspace turns into new field of relationships, a daily place for the young people of our world. This increases the risk of violence by disappearing the space barriers that delimited the communication between equals, and gives rise to the birth of a new concept: violence 2.0. With the aim of making gender violence visible 2.0 in the current youth in today's youth, the University of Santiago de Compostela has participated, together with eight other Spanish universities, in a project led by the University of Barcelona in which it has carried out a study with a large sample of adolescents. The work presented aims to analyze the experiences that the youth has had in relation to gender violence 2.0 in the Autonomous Community of Galicia. It is about identifying the incidence and behaviour of cyberbullying from the perspective of aggressors.