Una fonte per José Ángel Valente traduttore di Montale

  1. Cristina Marchisio
Critica letteraria

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In April 1954, the poet José Ángel Valente contributed to the incipient reception of Montale in Spain, by publishing, in the «Índice de Artes y Letras», a translation of a widely known poem from the Ossi di seppia (Incontro), accompanied by an introduction to the Genoese poet. The present study identifies an anthology by Giacinto Spagnoletti, contemporary with Valente, as the edition that was surely present on the translator’s desk, and reveals, by means of careful textual collation, the important influence exerted by that source (with its glosses and its footnotes) not only in the introduction to Montale, but also in Valente’s translation