Huellas de la gramática y de la lectura de autores en algunos textos médicos tardolatinos

  1. Manuel Enrique Vázquez Buján
Latomus: revue d'études latines

ISSN: 0023-8856

Ano de publicación: 2018

Volume: 77

Número: 3

Páxinas: 751-772

Tipo: Artigo

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The present contribution focuses on the analysis of diverse aspects of Late Latin medical texts that testify to knowledge of the grammatical tradition and of the authors studied at school. Particular attention is paid to: (a) those texts that recommend the study of grammar to physicians; (b) quotes from authors of the school canon (e.g. Cicero, Virgil, Ovid, Lucan) in medical treatises; (c) fragments from medical texts that refer to doctrines proceeding from grammar treatises; (d) exposition techniques common to grammar and medicine, with particular reference to difference, etymology and synonymy; (e) several terms that share the same, special, meaning in the two disciplines (consparsio, elementum, iudicium, potestas, peregrinus).