O ensino de comunicación audiovisual e galicia como diversidade cultural

  1. Xosé Ramón Pousa Estévez
Estudos de comunicación

ISSN: 1885-6632

Datum der Publikation: 2005

Nummer: 3-4

Seiten: 55-62

Art: Artikel

Andere Publikationen in: Estudos de comunicación


Galicia has an audiovisual sector which lives a period of prosperity but it still lacks professionalism. Since year of 2003-2004, all of the three Galician universities offer Audiovisual Communication studies distributed on three different specialities. After a decade of claims by professionals and professors, the new degree will launch its first class on June 2005. The search for specialization is oriented to professional training on specific skills. This article points out the need for an educational policy that promotes not only technical skills, but also the respect for cultural diversity. In other words, professionals must strengthen their own culture in order to confront standardization derived from mass communication media.