Airas Fernandes, dito "carpancho", trovador compostelano

  1. José Antonio Souto Cabo
  2. Yara Frateschi Vieira
Revista de Literatura Medieval

ISSN: 1130-3611

Ano de publicación: 2004

Número: 16

Páxinas: 221-280

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Several documents fi-om the Archive of the Catedral of Santiago let us define, with some accuracy, the biographical profile of Airas Carpancho the minstrel. We thus discover, under the sketchy designation passed on by anthologies, Airas Fernandes the gentleman, called «Carpancho» (ca. 1170-1140). This is a character fi-om the middle-class nobility of Compostela, whose lineage is closely bound with the cathedral world. In fact, it is likely that among his family ancestors we fmd one of Diego Gelmírez's brothers: Pedro Gelmírez. Under this new chronological, spatial and cultural fi'ame, some aspects conceming the origins of the Galician-Portuguese poetry are discussed and the literary output of the poet is analysed. In connection with the latter, some of the motifs of his poetics are revised, with special emphasis on the intertextual connections and the possible influence that the scholastic culture may have had on this author's output and on the Galician-Portuguese poetry.