«Parellaes». Programa d'intercanvi lingüístic entre dues llengües minoritzades

  1. María Mercé López Casas
  2. Dolors Perarnau Vidal
Actes del Dissetè Col·loqui Internacional de Llengua i Literatura Catalanes: Universitat de València, 7-10 de juliol de 2015
  1. Manuel Pérez Saldanya (coord.)
  2. Rafael Roca Ricart (coord.)

Publisher: Associació Internacional de Llengua i Literatura Catalanes ; Instituto de Estudios Catalanes / Institut d'Estudis Catalans

ISBN: 978-84-9965-363-1

Year of publication: 2017

Pages: 543-551

Congress: Col.loqui Internacional de Llengua y Literatura Catalanes (17. 2015. València)

Type: Conference paper


The purpose of this paper is to present the program Parellaes, a language exchange program between Catalan and Galician carried out by the Department of Catalan Philology at the University of Santiago de Compostela since 2009. Aimed to Galician students who want to learn or improve Catalan and Catalan students who want to learn or improve Galician, Parellaes is a program which not only works the linguistic aspect of exchange: practicing and improving Catalan or Galician, but also the sociocultural: discovering the cultural and sociolinguistic reality of Catalan and Galician lands and to comprehend in this way the minoritized situation that both languages share. The elements of promotion, formation, support and evaluation of the program will be explained from our own experience, together with the challenges to which we have to confront in order to make possible the exchange. All this, without underestimating the testimony of the linguistic pairs of these recent years, which are the authentic protagonists of this formative modality and real responsible of the linguistic tandem.